Z-Tech Recertification

The cost for Recertification is $20 plus parts and shipping.  Your product would need to be inspected. Any parts that are damaged and/or degraded, would need to be replaced. On recertification, we charge 50% off Retail for the parts below.  Below is list of replacement parts.

NZBP0015 Helmet Baseplate and Post $19.95

NZBP0016 Helmet M6 Backplate $17.95

NZHC001A Series 1A Helmet Kit Complet $34.75

NZLP0013 Lower Arm Pads Series-1A $19.95

NZSB0013 Strapping and Buckles $69.95

NZSC1015 Spring Clip Series 2.0 $19.95

NZSE0011 Screws/Binary Post Short $19.95

NZSE0013 Screws/Binary Post - Long $19.95

NZSP0013 Shoulder Pads Series-1A Black $19.95

NZSW0015 M6 Screw $2.95