• RZ-15H SAH2010
  • RZ-15H SAH2010
  • RZ-15H SAH2010

RZ-15H SAH2010


Model: RZ-15H

Features include:

  • Composite Fiberglass Lightweight Open Face Shell
  • 7-Top Air System –in addition to Chin and Scalp Vents/Exhausts
  • Plush Fire Retardant Interior
  • Visor with Sunstrip
  • Removable/Washable Comfort Liner
  • M6 Inserts for Neck Restraint
  • Snell SAH-2010

Model Numbers:

H735001 White  ONLY AVAIL IN XS
H73503FS Matte Black - No Longer Available.

Optional Accessories:Closeout Sales

Part_number Desc_1 Retail
HALCL21L RZ-15 Crown Liner $9.95
HALCL21M RZ-15 Crown Liner $9.95
HALCL21S RZ-15 Crown Liner $9.95
HALCL21XL RZ-15 Crown Liner $9.95
HALCL21XS RZ-15 Crown Liner $9.95
HALCL21XXL RZ-15 Crown Liner $9.95
HALCP21L RZ-15 Cheek Pads $27.95
HALCP21M RZ-15 Cheek Pads $27.95
HALCP21S RZ-15 Cheek Pads $27.95
HALCP21XL RZ-15 Cheek Pads $27.95
HALCP21XS RZ-15 Cheek Pads $27.95
HALCP21XXL RZ-15 Cheek Pads $27.95
HARZ201 Z-20 Shield Retention Kit $21.95
HASZ20CL Z-20  Series    Clear $29.95
HASZ20DK Z-20  Series   Dark Smoke $33.50
HASZ20IM Z-20  Series   Iridium $39.95
HASZ20LT Z-20  Series   Smoke $29.95
HASZ20SM Z-20  Series   Silver Mir $39.95
HASZV20CL Z-20 Shield w/Visor.Sunstrip $54.95
HAV733001 RZ34/RZ15/RZ22/ RZ14 WHITE $39.95
HAV733003 VisorRZ34/RZ15/RZ22/RZ14 BLK $39.95
HIKZ21XXS XXS RZ-15 Kit Cheek & Crown $39.95
HTA20001 RZ Top Air White $39.95
HTA2003F RZ Top Air Matte Black $39.95
HTV200CL RZ Top Vent Scoop Clear $11.95